Claire Bridge Art Exhibition Transit Lounge painting

 Images from the exhibition Transit Lounge PREVIEW here

Transit Lounge, the solo exhibition of artist Claire Bridge opened on Friday April 3, 2009 by Jeff Makin at Maroondah Art Gallery, featuring her latest works painted during her artist-in-residence program at Maroondah Federation Estate.

In 2009, Bridge has won both the People's Choice Award and the Living Art Award for the Stan and Maureen Duke Gold Coast Art Prize.  With her portrait "If looks could kill", she is a finalist in the 2009 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize for the second year running. A banner of her work currently hangs outside the State Library of NSW promoting the exhibition.

 "In her paintings, Claire Bridge uses the human figure as a meditation on life's many transitions from youth and adolescence, through to death and decay. Focussing on the teenager as a metaphor for change, Bridge highlights impermanence as the constant attending all of our existence."
Damian Smith, Curator

Bridge paints her step-daughter as the principle muse in the paintings. The emotional landscape, shifting sands of certainty and uncertainty, of playful coquettishness and desperate sadness play out in intimate painterly works. Bridge provides a view through the eyes of artist step-mother into the inner world of a girl who is transforming into womanhood.

"Darkness is symbolic of mystery, of the unknown", says Bridge. "Nothing is certain. Adolescence is such a visible manifestation of uncertainty and change. Yet it is also a time of defining identity. In my work these extremes are pulling and pushing at each other."

 "Inspired by her studies of contemporary British figuration and the Europe's long standing love of the human form., Bridge has found a language that is very much her own" Damian Smith, Curator